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Transportation Improvement Program

The goals of Miami-Dade County’s transportation plans are to enhance the mobility of the urban population, achieve a balanced transportation system, meet energy conservation needs, improve air quality, as well as to preserve or enhance the physical and social environment of the community. The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is one of those plans managed by the Miami-Dade TPO to achieve these goals.

The TIP:

  • Specifies transportation improvements for the next five years, and is updated every year as required by federal government regulations.
  • Is a staged multi-year program that sets the priorities of transportation improvement projects with federal, state, and local funding.
  • Contains various categories of improvements including: Highway, Transit, Aviation, Seaport, Non-Motorized, Freight, Private Sector, and Regionally Significant Transportation Projects.
  • Must contain all transportation projects that receive federal funds.
  • Contains other major projects that do not receive federal funds as part of the planning process.
  • Lists projects in groups by funding source and implementing responsibility.
  • Is the capital improvements element of the current Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP).
  • Is consistent with the projects and priorities in the adopted current LRTP.
  • May be amended at any time during the program year through the same procedures required for developing and adopting the original program. Proposed amendments may be for the purpose of deleting, adding, revising the funding, or modifying the scope or limits of a project.
  • Support Facilities for Metrorail, Express Bus Service, Express Transit on Managed Lanes, Additional Bus Transit and Paratransit Improvements
  • Interstate Highway Projects and Arterial Street Improvements
  • Non-Motorized Projects and Congestion Management
  • Aviation and Seaport Facilities
  • Construction of Major Intermodal Facilities and Deployment of Intelligent Transportation System Applications

Transportation System Management (TSM) projects are also proposed to be continued or expanded. The Miami-Dade Secondary Road Program and Road Impact Fee Program contains projects that are supportive of the countywide TSM effort, which include:

  • Traffic Flow Improvements
  • Provisions for Preferential Treatments of High Occupancy Vehicles, where appropriate
  • Improvements to Intersection Geometrics
  • Lighting Safety Projects
  • Other Related Projects that Provide for Greater Safety and Better Management of Traffic Flow

The site includes the TIP Summary, Project Listings, and Citizen's Guide. Users can also search for individual transportation projects by name, category, type, and budget.

The site also includes the InteracTIP Map Tool that lets you search the TIP by geography. Click on roads and streets to get detailed information about planned projects for that location. The tool even allows you to switch between map, satellite, terrain, or a combination of both.

To comply with the MAP-21 and FAST Act performance management requirements, the TIP incorporates, by reference, the FDOT Highway Safety Plan, Highway Safety Improvement Program, Freight Mobility Plan, and the FDOT Asset Management Plan.  In addition, the Miami-Dade TPO Governing Board endorsed the FDOT “Vision Zero” Safety performance measure targets on January 25, 2018 through TPO Resolution #05-18

Learn more about the TPO’s Performance Management Program.

For additional information, please email Dachel Payrol or call 305-375-1749.