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Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization
150 West Flagler Street
Suite 1900
Miami, Florida 33130

Aileen Bouclé, AICP
AICP Executive Director
Phone: 305-375-4507
Zainab Salim
Deputy Director – Administration
Phone: 305-375-4507

Maria T. Vilches-Landa, P.E.
Deputy Director – Transportation
Phone: 305-375-4507

Shauna Williams
TPO Senior Administrative Coordinator/ DPR
Phone: 305-375-1710
Oscar Camejo 
Chief Contracts Compliance Officer 
Phone: 305-375-1837 

Chief - Mobility Management & Implementation 
Phone: 305-375-1739 
Chief - Information Office 
Phone: 305-375-1881 
Chief - Transportation Planning 
Phone: 305-375-1817 
Chief - Intergovernmental Affairs 
Phone: 305-375-1887
Budget Coordinator
Phone: 305-375-1703

Paul Chance 
Public Involvement Officer 
Phone: 305-375-1888 
Transit & Regional Manager 
Phone: 305-375-1886
Contracts Compliance Coordinator 
Phone: 305-375-1833 

Transportation Planner 2
Phone: 305-375-1647 
Transportation Planner 1
Phone: 305-375-1712 

Mobility Planner 3 
Phone: 305-375-1744 
Clerk of the Governing Board 
Phone: 305-375-1812 
Finance Manager 
Phone: 305-375-1749 
Special Projects 
Phone: 305-375-1522 

Aleah Smith
Contract & Program Administrator
Phone: 305-375-1734
Program Development Manager 
Phone: 305-375-1738 
Transportation Planner 3 
Phone: 305-375-2642 
Intergovernmental Affairs Coordinator 
Phone: 305-375-1735

The Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization consists of a Governing Board and administrative staff.
The Miami-Dade TPO understands the importance of receiving feedback from the community in regards to the transportation planning process.

To provide your comments or if you have questions please contact the Miami-Dade TPO in the following ways:

Mail to:
Miami-Dade TPO
150 West Flagler Street, Suite 1900
Miami, Florida 33130


Phone: 305-375-1888 Fax: 305-375-4950

Public Records Request

The Public Records Custodian is, Clerk of the Board.

Requests can be made by:

  • Phone: 305-375-4507
  • Fax: 305-375-4950
  • Email
  • In person or in writing: Miami-Dade TPO, Attn: TPO Clerk of the Board, 150 West Flagler Street, Suite 1900, Miami, FL 33130