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TPO 40th Anniversary

  • Federal Aid Highway Act of 1962
    This Act created the federal requirements for urban transportation planning.
  • Transportation Planning Process
    All 224 existing urbanized areas had an urban transportation planning process underway.
  • Creation of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
    The Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) was created on March 2, 1977.
  • Metrorail
    Construction commencement of Miami-Dade County Metrorail System.
  • Miami Intermodal Center (MIC)
    The Miami International Airport Transportation study is completed, which later became known as the MIC.
  • Seaport Access
    The Board adopted a plan recommended by the Port of Miami Access Task Force, which included a tunnel alternative.
  • Metrorail
    First Metrorail car arrived at the Palmetto Yard.
  • Citizens' Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC) was created
  • Bikes on Train Program
    The program started as a demonstration project with limited hours on weekends only.
  • Metrorail
    Began service on May 20, 1984.

  • Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) was created

  • Creation of Tri-Rail
    The Miami-Dade MPO Director was the first Interim Director to start-up the system until its first permanent Director was hired.
  • Transportation Aesthetic Review Committee (TARC) was created
  • Creation of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX)
    • As a result of a MPO study, MPO Resolution #3-94, urged the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to support legislation enabling the creation of such Authority.
    • MPO Resolution #30-95, provided in-kind staffing services to the Dade County Expressway Authority.
    • MPO Resolution #31-95, endorsed a request from the Authority to FDOT to establish start-up funds from existing revenues.
    • MPO Resolution #32-95, directed the MPO and FDOT to provide planning funds to assist the Authority with start-up operations.
  • Creation of the South Florida Vanpool Program (SFVP)
    Tri-County program with 249 vans to date.
  • Southeast Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) was created
  • Freight Transportation Advisory Committee (FTAC) was created
  • South East Florida Transportation Council (SEFTC) was created
  • Creation of the Bus on Shoulders Program 
  • M-Path Master Plan was created
    This is a 9 mile, 8 foot wide multi-use path that connects Downtown Miami to SW 67th Avenue (Ludlam Road) in South Miami.
  • SEFTC adopted:
    • The first Regional Freight Plan for 2040 was adopted by SEFTC.
    • The 2040 Southeast Florida Regional Transportation Plan.
  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Technology
    • The MPO held its first CAV Exhibition.
    • A CAV working group was created.
  • Adopted policy to set transit as the "highest priority" for the County
  • Adoption of the Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) Plan
  • Approval of the Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) Phases for the SMART corridors
  • Approval of $7.18M in federal funds to support the SMART Plan
  • Creation of three permanent Governing Board Committees:
    1. Executive Policy Committee (EPC)
    2. Fiscal Priorities Committee (FPC)
    3. Transportation and Mobility Committee (TMC)
  • From MPO to TPO
    Under Resolution #08-17, dated February 8, 2017, the MPO changed its name to the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) and a new logo was adopted.
Miami-Dade TPO Directors:
  • David J. Reynolds
  • William Ockert
  • Jose Luis Mesa
  • Irma San Roman
  • Aileen Bouclé
MPO Board Members 1977 to Present

1.    Adams, Neal F.
2.    Almaguer, Ruben D.
3.    Alonso, Miriam A.
4.    Auerbach, Zevin V.
5.    Barreiro, Bruno A.
6.    Bateman, Steven C.
7.    Bell, Lynda
8.    Berlin, George
9.    Bien-Aime, Philippe
10.    Bovo Jr., Esteban
11.    Bower, Matti Herrera
12.    Burke, James
13.    Burns, Kevin A.
14.    Carey, Barbara M.
15.    Cancio, Jose “Pepe” 
16.    Celestin, Joe J.
17.    Clark, Stephen P.
18.    Collins, Mary
19.    Diaz de la Portilla, Miguel
20.    Diaz de la Portilla, Renier
21.    Diaz, Jose “Pepe”
22.    Diaz, Manny
23.    Dusseau, Charles
24.    Edmonson, Audrey M.
25.    Ferguson, Betty T.
26.    Ferré, Maurice
27.    Gersten, Joseph M.
28.    Gibson, Shirley M.
29.    Gilbert III, Oliver G.
30.    Gimenez, Carlos A.
31.    Gutierrez, Maritza
32.    Hantman, Perla T.
33.    Harper, Allen C.
34.    Haskins, Linda M.
35.    Hawkins, Larry
36.    Hernandez, Carlos
37.    Heyman, Sally A.
38.    Jordan, Barbara J.
39.    Joseph, Smith
40.    Kaplan, Bruce
41.    Kasdin, Neisen O.
42.    Kerdyk, William H.
43.    Krinzman, Richard N.
44.    Krongold, M. Ronald 
45.    Philip, Levine
46.    Levine Cava, Daniella
47.    Margolis, Gwen
48.    Martell, Roberto
49.    Martinez, Joe A.
50.    Martinez, Raul L.
51.    Monestime, Jean
52.    Morales, Jimmy L.
53.    Moss, Dennis C.
54.    Oesterle, Clara
55.    Oliver, William G.
56.    Penelas, Alexander
57.    Phillips, Beverly B.
58.    Pierre, Andre D.
59.    Porter, Jeff
60.    Reboredo, Pedro
61.    Redford, Jr, James F.
62.    Renick, Robert
63.    Robaina, Julio
64.    Rolle, Dorrin D.
65.    Ruvin, Harvey
66.    Sarnoff, Marc D.
67.    Schreiber, Barry D.
68.    Seijas, Natacha
69.    Shack, Ruth
70.    Sharpton, Darryl K.
71.    Smith, Jose
72.    Sorenson, Katy
73.    Sosa, Rebeca
74.    Souto, Javier D.
75.    Spence-Jones, Michelle
76.    Steinberg, Richard L.
77.    Suarez, Francis
78.    Suarez, Xavier L.
79.    Teele, Jr., Arthur E.
80.    Tondreau, Lucie M.
81.    Valdes, Jorge E.
82.    Valdes-Fauli, Raul J.
83.    Winn, Sherman
84.    Winton, Johnny L.
85.    Wolland, Frank
86.    Zapata, Juan C.